Local marketing support

Who needs local area marketing?

Large or small, every business needs local area marketing.

Every business should invest in local area marketing, because every business will benefit from the increased sales generated by a carefully planned and implemented local area marketing program that address local problems and opportunities.

For a small franchise or retail business that cannot afford regular above the line main media advertising campaigns, a structured local area marketing support program can fill the void and provide franchisees and local businesses with cost effective ongoing marketing support, which will connect with the local community and generate much needed sales.

For a large multi outlet franchise or retail business, with large marketing budgets and national marketing programs organised by head office, this will never be enough, because these national marketing programs will never be tailored to the unique characteristics of an individual local business. However, when a national marketing program is complemented by a structured local marketing support program that allows each local business to overlay a tailored ongoing local area marketing program, you have the best of both worlds and the ability to achieve the true sales potential of every individual local business.

For both large and small businesses, local area marketing is the means by which your brand can engage, align and grow with your customers and your retail network.

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