The Marketing Revolution offers creative
solutions that cross the border


About us

The Marketing Revolution is a marketing and retail sales agency with specialist expertise and experience in local area marketing for SME’s and the retail and franchise industries.

Whilst our team of senior marketers have extensive experience working on the client side for leading international and national brands, our work with SME’s and individual franchisees has taught us to be agile and economical and to understand the needs of small businesses.

We understand that businesses today are required to do more, be more and achieve more with less, and we respond with solutions.

We bring new ideas to the table by drawing on our experience in senior marketing roles across many different industries.

We are pragmatic marketers; we know that results matter. We understand how to blend the need to generate increased sales today with the imperative to also optimise and generate increased sales for tomorrow by consistently building brand equity.

We have:

  • a comprehensive understanding of the retail market and the ways to engage consumers, franchisees and front line sales staff.
  • systems that align your network with your brand and operations.
  • provide the strategies and the programs to achieve your growth objectives.

Our approach is fact based. We listen, we ask more questions, we explore.

Our experience is grounded in reality and we value accountability. Our focus is delivering you results, and our passion is making a difference.