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What is local marketing?

Local area marketing involves the planning, development and implementation of marketing activities that are directed at existing and potential customers who commute, live, work, shop or play within the trading area of a local business.

Local area marketing aims to maximise the relevance, local awareness and goodwill of a business in the local community in order to generate sales and maximise sales potential.


Local area marketing is the means by which your brand can engage, align and grow with either your customers or your retail network – or both!

Local area marketing is not about a series of unrelated and one off traffic generating sales promotions. Instead, local area marketing is the result of considered planning where each promotion builds the integrity and goodwill of the business at the same time as generating sales.

Local area marketing should be a continuous stream of activities because that is the only way your business will cut through the clutter and capture that remaining 20% of sales potential.

Local area marketing is one of the most cost effective business tools available to you.

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