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What is a Local Store Marketing Kit by The Marketing Revolution

A Local Store Marketing Kit produced by The Marketing Revolution is an easy “Do-It-Yourself” kit which contains fully planned, ready to use promotional activities to help local businesses increase their sales, and reinforce and build on their brand image and goodwill.

Our Local Store Marketing Kits provide local businesses with an extensive range of options to promote their business locally in a professional way, while saving them time and money.

Local Store Marketing Kits can be tailored to the needs and the budget of any company. As an example, our Local Store Marketing Kits can provide:

  • The information and tools needed to analyse a local business and its trading environment and develop a local area marketing plan.
  • A bank of local area marketing ideas and advice that will generate extra sales.
  • Assistance in how to select the local promotion that is needed in a particular situation.
  • Support with the printing of local area marketing material that is personalised to the local business.
  • High quality professional artwork that has been pre approved by the marketing department.

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